IMPORTANT NOTICE - Price changes to Microsoft Office 365

As of 1 September 2015 Microsoft will globally update pricing for Office 365 standalone and bundled services. Please refer to the KnowHow and Retail Live daily updates for further information.
Please do not submit any orders for Microsoft Office 365 through the TBB Online Ordering Tool (OOT) until further notice.


We wish to inform you of the following updates that have been made to the TBB OOT effective from 27 July 2015.

The following changes have been introduced as part of this release: Introduction of 3 new TBB FTTP Standalone plans, 100GB, 300GB and 1000GB

  • Cease sale of all existing TBB FTTP plans to be replaced with 3 Standalone plans only
  • Introduction of speed boost (super fast speed 100/5Mbps) to be applied as a bolt on over the standalone plans (30/1Mbps) at a cost of additional $15/month
  • NOTE: PLAN CHANGE - please do not use "Change Existing Service", under the "Change speed or download limit (includes recontract option)", for plan changes of FTTP Bundled plans. Instead customers are to be migrated across to the new TBB FTTP Standalone plans, please use "Migration of existing service..." option to achieve this. change plan orders can be submitted where the customer is currently on a TBB FTTP Standalone plan, as they will be presented with the new FTTP plans.
  • reduction of excess usage rate for new TBB ADSL Standalone plans to $0.001/MB
  • Telstra's peace of mind commitment, no need to manually select the campaign in the order form


The migration activities will commence on 8th May for existing TBB ADSL customers. Customer communications including Direct Mail will be sent from 28th April. The migration will be implemented automatically and customers are not required to take any actions. Rebates will be applied in certain cases to ensure that there will be no financial impact to the customer.

From 22nd April customers requesting to migrate their services ahead of schedule can do so without starting a new 24 months contract however they will NOT receive any rebates.

When creating the TBB OOT order:

  • For existing TBB ADSL Standalone customers, select 'Change existing service'
  • For existing customers on other TBB ADSL plans, select 'Migration of existing service to Business Broadband ADSL Standalone' and choose 'New service - 24 month contract'
  • Please note in both scenarios the customer's contract term will NOT restart. Provisioning teams will NOT apply a new 24 month contract term.

    Ordering Instructions can be found on the following pages;
    KnowHow - ; please follow the detailed instructions in the 'Processes' tab.
    Retail Live - ; please follow the detailed instructions in the 'Process' tab.


    If you are not yet registered in the system then please use the registration link to the right.

    For any issues with your ordering tool logins or account activation, please email

    Customer Requested Date Agreed at Point of Sale: check here for the current processing times for ADSL orders (BigPond Migrations, New orders and Winback)
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