With the launch of new BizEssentials Bundle Small and Medium plans, and bestowal of the premium gateway and broadband backup device on eligible BizEssentials orders, please ensure that any orders in Rework or Draft (Saved) state are submitted by close of business Monday 13 February.

From 14 February, the BE Small plan allowance will change from 200GB to 500GB, the BE Medium plan allowance currently 600GB will become 1000GB, all Business Bundle orders will have the Premium Gateway with Mobile broadband backup as the default option, no selection required.


    The following updates have been loaded into the TBB OOT Tool to support the following Business Bundles offers launching 14 February;
  • New BizEssentials Small and Medium bundle plans as part of the Broadband Data Increase offer
  • Premium Gateway and Backup device for eligible BizEssentials bundle order types and plans

IMPORTANT NOTICE - TBB & BizEssentials Cease sale of Business Mail POP and Domain Name

  • From 5 December 2016 Business Mail Pop and Domain Name hosting features will cease to be offered with TBB and BizEssentials services. Currently these features are supplied with BizEssentials & TBB services, however these products are now out of date and have newer and improved versions available from Telstra Apps Marketplace.
  • Existing Business Mail customers are not impacted by this change, and can continue to benefit from their Domain name hosting and Business POP mail according to existing terms and conditions.


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