IMPORTANT NOTICE - TBB & BizEssentials Cease sale of Business Mail POP and Domain Name

  • From 5 December 2016 Business Mail Pop and Domain Name hosting features will cease to be offered with TBB and BizEssentials services. Currently these features are supplied with BizEssentials & TBB services, however these products are now out of date and have newer and improved versions available from Telstra Apps Marketplace.
  • Existing Business Mail customers are not impacted by this change, and can continue to benefit from their Domain name hosting and Business POP mail according to existing terms and conditions.


Saturday 22 October 2016 - We wish to inform you of the following updates that have been made to the TBB OOT tool.

  • Mobile Broadband data plans and tablet devices are loaded and will be available for ordering from 25 October when taking up a new BizEssentials 2016 bundle plan
  • Managed disconnects (i.e. cancellation of service orders) for Telstra Business Broadband or BizEssentials products are now able to be submitted


Key updates and messages;

  • The new 2016 BizEssentials, TBB ADSL and TBB FTTP plans are now available in the TBB OOT, all new plan inclusions (data sharing, IDD calls and TAM credit) will not require separate selection this will be automatically bestowed where applicable.
  • Selection of the Telstra Standard Business Gateway is required in the BizEssentials 2016 order form where included. However, selection of the "Standard Business Gateway 100% Credit" campaign is no longer required.
  • Existing BizEssentials and Telstra Business Broadband Standalone customers will need to "Migrate" to one of the new 2016 plans if they want to make a plan change. Plan changes for these customers are restricted in TBB OOT.
  • Existing BizEssentials customers who want to "migrate" to a BizEssentials 2016 plan, the existing BizEssentials PSTN primary service will receive the new plan inclusions (based on plan eligibility) unless another PSTN service is entered in the "BizEssentials Fixed Line Nomination" section of the order form.
  • Orders submitted prior to 6 September, including in-flight orders, will be provisioned according to product/plan ordered draft or marked as Rework can only be resubmitted on new 2016 plans, and your customer will need to be notified.


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